Solo Update

Sorry everyone, I’ve been having some health problems and have let the blog fall by the wayside and I apologize but I have some good news and updates!

Solo is a Grand Champion Gold!  He’s been showing so well and looks GORGEOUS!  I need to give some shout outs to Mike and Sue Reed for all they do with our Solo-man, thank you so much guys! 

He’s, also, a father…AGAIN!  Yes, that’s right WE HAVE SOLO PUPPIES!!! 

Our website is currently under construction…  The layout will be totally different and we’re phasing out the opening page with the pictures of Tira, Raptor and Cole Younger but the site will have a cleaner and more organized look! We’ve also joined twitter so follow us at @HaysHillGSD.

I’ll try to be more conscientious of keeping everyone up to date with our wins and any news regarding HaysHill!


About hayshillshepherds

I own and operate HaysHill Shepherds, we breed and show American Bred Champion German Shepherds.
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