Recent Show News

Sorry about the lack of updates.  I’m recovering from surgery on my Achillies tendon.

Last weekend, June 1 – June 5, we were at the New Jersey circuit.  Solo did very well!  His went group 1-4 everyday of the weekend!  Saturday he went Group 1 which was the highlight of the weekend.  We’re so proud of Solo and would like to thank Trish for helping us with him over the past two seasons and would like to thank Mike, also, for the tremendous job he’s done over the past three weeks!

Currently, we’re at the New York Circuit.  The first show was yesterday and we went Group 3.  We’re getting ready to go back in the ring for Group today…wish us luck!


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I own and operate HaysHill Shepherds, we breed and show American Bred Champion German Shepherds.
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